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natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

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The Dorn Method

The Dorn Method is a gentle manual therapy for common Back and Joint Pain, which was developed in Germany 40 years ago. It is extremely safe and works with both the therapist and client working together to provide maximum benefit.

The Dorn MethodIt is used to correct misalignments of the hips, pelvis, sacrum, spine, neck and other joints and so is very helpful in relieving hip problems, back and neck pain and problems in the knee, shoulder, ankles and jaw as well as related problems such as sciatica.

It uses techniques which help the joints and vertebrae slide back into their natural position without any clicking or crunching, is very gentle and involves ‘team work’ between client and practitioner so the client never feels ‘out of control’. The client moves the joint being corrected and in so doing the related muscles are distracted so that the practitioner can encourage the joints to slip back into place safely and comfortably. Usually only two or three sessions are sufficient however it does depend upon the individual circumstance.

Dorn also teaches simple exercises to help keep your hips, back, neck and joints in shape for the long term. These are very easy to learn so can be used at home after the treatment and in the future to keep the body in balance. These are very useful to use after long car journeys, flights or after time spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

The Dorn Method treatment can also be followed by an extremely relaxing spinal massage called Breuss Massage. This massage involves gentle movements over and around the spine which safely stretches and nourishes the spinal column and also effectively works on calming the nervous system leaving you feeling relaxed, stretched, supple and re-energised.

The Dorn Method is not suitable for anyone with paralysis, recent accidents, post-surgery of discs, acute prolapsed discs or ongoing cortisone medication due to brittle bones and immobility. Please contact me if you need further advice and please seek advice from your GP too.

Cheryl Finch ADCA VTCT

Initial Appointment: £45 for 1 hour
Follow Up Appointment: £45 for 1 hour

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