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natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

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Reflexology is the therapeutic massage of the reflex points in the feet, although it can be just as easily applied to the hands. It is believed that the reflex points “mirror” the organs of the body, so specific areas of the feet relate to specific areas of the body. For example, the big toes relate to the head, the inside edge of the foot relates to the spine and so on.Reflexology

The most useful function of reflexology is in the relaxation/stress reduction that it offers clients. It is a great tool for re-establishing “homeostasis” or balance within the body, and when the body is relaxed, it is in the best position to heal itself. It is non-invasive, and suitable for most stress-related conditions and ages.

Reflexologists do not claim and never should claim to diagnose conditions. If you have an undiagnosed condition, it is always best to seek medical advice. However, reflexology can indicate areas of tension/congestion within the body.

Cathy Fernie BSc (Hons) MAAPA

New Patient: £90 (90 mins)
Follow Up Appointment: £45-£60 (45 – 60 mins)






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