natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

natural healthcare centre, burton, staffordshire natural healthcare centre, burton, staffordshire


Here are just a few of the testimonials received from people treated at The Natural Healthcare Centre.

Feedback form our Customer Survey

“I have had acupuncture and massage that solved my problem very effectively – I am very confident in their ability to help”

“Faultless couldn’t be more thorough and gave me a diagnosis to my ongoing problem”

“Keep up the good work! Everyone I met was very friendly and put me at ease”

“You make my life easier and chronic condition more manageable. Thank you”


IBS Fatigue

“I visited The Natural Healthcare Centre three days ago for some food intolerance tests after over 25 years of horrendous IBS and fatigue. I’ve now been off gluten, sugar and caffeine for two days and it feels like Grahame has waved a magic wand…. the difference is unbelievable. I can’t recommend this place enough…. I only wish I’d been there years ago!!”

Rebecca Hadfield – Burton on Trent


“I suffered from severe migraine type headaches and getting no relief from orthodox treatments,  I tried acupuncture. After only two treatments I started to feel the benefits and now I keep well with ‘top up’ treatments when needed.”

Mary Burns – Newhall

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“When I was informed that (The Natural Healthcare Centre) was able to provide food intolerance testing, I felt I had no option but to try it. After countless years of suffering irritable bowel syndrome and six months of unbearable pain, I was willing to try anything to alleviate the symptoms. I was amazed at how many foods I was first intolerant to. Within the first week of my new diet, the benefits were amazing. It took about four weeks to fully understand which foods included gluten but now after six months of being gluten free, I am generally free of any symptoms. I have since been referred to the celiac consultant at the hospital which I am sure will help me further but pain free life is all down to the treatment which I received at the Centre. I would personally 100% recommend anybody with any illness to contact The Natural Healthcare Centre in Burton.”

Mrs Hill – Swadlincote


“Periodic severe bouts of vomiting, the cause of which western medicine failed to identify, appears to have been eliminated by acupuncture.”

Mrs Timmins – Mickleover

Chronic Fatigue & Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I have been having acupuncture with Grahame Gargini since June 1999. As I have M.E. and Rheumatoid Arthritis, my treatments are generally ongoing. Grahame is very flexible with how many I need – sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. I’ve seen the results! I am now in my second year at university in Liverpool, something, which I once thought, I would not be able to achieve. Most important for me though is that Grahame listens to what I say when it comes to my body. I found that very refreshing and reassuring. The Centre has a wonderfully calm and friendly atmosphere. I travel back from Liverpool for my acupuncture because I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”

Ms Britton – Derby


“I approached the (Natural Healthcare Centre) following several years of conventional treatment for infertility. I was interested in acupuncture. The advice given by Grahame Gargini was sound and honest. I felt relaxed and comfortable. There was no pressure to continue but I found the treatment process calming and beneficial. Grahame works in a very professional manner and the hygiene levels are impeccable. After approximately 6 months of treatment I am now expecting my first child. I am sure that the acupuncture helped to prepare and rebalance my body therefore increasing my chances of a successful pregnancy.”

Ms Abery – Derby

“I was in terrible pain when I first visited. Getting out of bed and everyday tasks like walking and sitting were very painful. Since starting the treatment the pain has lessened a great deal and I have more flexibility in my spine which has been a great comfort for me and is helping me in my everyday life.”

Mrs Dissington – Swadlicote

Shoulder Pain

“I developed a chronic painful shoulder from a muscular sprain around the joint several months earlier. I had acupuncture from Grahame Gargini and after just four sessions the pain had gone completely. I recovered full mobility after a further 3 treatments. I have acupuncture from time to time to keep aches and pains away and to feel generally more in tune with my body despite my busy life.”

Ms Taylor – Burton on Trent

Tiredness, Menstrual Problems, Headaches, Anxiety

“I had been suffering from menstrual problems, headaches, dizziness, neck and back pain, tiredness and anxiety. After seeing Grahame Gargini for a free initial consultation he advised testing for toxicity and organ function. The test results were explained to me and I was advised to embark on a detox plan for two months. The plan involved nutritional changes, some supplements and herbs and lifestyle changes that were easy to follow. I had a course of acupuncture during this time and felt much better very quickly. After 2 months I felt wonderful and had also lost over a stone and a half in weight. I have acupuncture treatments once a month with occasional courses of herbs to keep me healthy.”

Ms Birkett – Stapenhill

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