natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

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Indian Head Massage

With it’s roots in Asian culture, Indian Head Massage has two parts. Firstly, massage of the hair with the use of aromatic oils is practised by women of all generations within the family. Secondly, massage of the scalp and shoulders is an integral part of any treatment at the local barbers, therefore usually for men only. These two concepts have been brought together by Narenda Mehta and been developed into a treatment which concentrates on those areas where most of us hold our tensions – both physical and emotional – the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, and face. A wonderfully relaxing treatment which is delivered either through clothing or directly on to the skin with the use of oils. The client is seated rather than lying down, making it an excellent introduction to holistic treatments for apprehensive clients. It is the client’s choice regarding the use of oils or not. Acupressure points are worked on the shoulders, head and face, relieving congestion and tension. Since the area worked on is where the higher energy centres are located – throat, brow and crown, these also cleansed and brought into a state of balance, helping us to achieve a greater sense of harmony within.

Cathy Fernie BSc (Hons)

New patient: £45 Follow up: £45 (45 mins)

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