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Our DNA Clinic is part of a network of DNA Clinics set up around the UK in association with Crystal Health Group. The aim of the DNA Clinic is to offer face to face consultations and support, with counselling if appropriate, while providing the most accurate DNA test available. A wide range of DNA tests are available including paternity tests, sibling analysis, grand parentage analysis and Y chromosome analysis.

DNA TestingThe DNA test compares the DNA from all individuals involved, to establish whether a biological relationship exists. A DNA test is the most accurate way to determine whether individuals are related. The DNA test carried out at the Laboratories will analyse 16 genetic locations, which is the most accurate DNA test available.

The price of the DNA test entitles you to an initial consultation (1/2 hour), during which the DNA samples (mouth swabs) will be taken and an optional results session (around 15 minutes), during which you will be given your DNA test result.

Grahame Gargini MBAcC MRCHM

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