Isabel Houghton

PilatesIsabel has been a qualified Modern Pilates Instructor for four years and an Equipilates Registered Trainer for nearly 3 years, she has also recently become an Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer having qualified in May 2016 and is currently working towards the Advanced Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer. She is a qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor and has also completed the Level 4 GP Referral Non Specific Low Back Pain Specialist qualification. In addition Isabel is also qualified to perform NO HANDS® Massage.

She is passionate about her work and all the clients she helps along the way.  Believing in a strong holistic approach to teaching Pilates and Equipilates™ she encourages close co-operation with other therapists such as physiotherapy or chiropractor to the best interest of the client.

Isabel’s main passion has always been for horses, having been a rider/owner herself for many years she now helps her fellow riders improve their riding through Pilates exercises specifically tailored for horse riders (Equipilates™). Biomechanical exercises also help to improve functionality both in and out of the saddle, so it’s not just for horse riders, it can be for everyone; weather you are an athlete, runner or gym bunny, or simply improving your activities of daily living. People from all walks of life can benefit from these Biomechanical exercises to help performance and flexibility and finally core stability.

Isabel says, “The great thing about Pilates is that it can be adapted for everyone, whatever your level of fitness or experience, or if you have back pain, arthritis or other general aches and pain. Pilates can also provide a fantastic way of lifting your self-esteem and confidence and it is also a great stress reliever”.

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