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natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

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Chris Sutcliffe Dip Hyp, Dip NLP, GHR & CNHC regd

Hypnotherapy, chris sutcliffe
Chris Sutcliffe Hypnotherapy

Chris is a Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) who specializes in Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and anxiety-related conditions. Chris spent 25 years working in the public sector involved in management, team building, coaching and mentoring. His passion has always involved working with other people: helping them to unlock their potential and take the next step in their lives, whatever that happens to be.

Chris also uses hypnotherapy with clients who want to overcome fears or phobias, build confidence and improve their performance in areas such as sports, music and theatre.

Chris says: “Working with amazing people in the public sector taught me a great deal about motivation, leadership and personal development. It’s wonderful to be able to utilize those skills now in a therapeutic environment. People are often unsure whether hypnotherapy is for them and most clients are pleasantly surprised just how easy and effective it is for them to do.’

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