natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

natural healthcare centre, burton on trent

natural healthcare centre, burton, staffordshire natural healthcare centre, burton, staffordshire

Cathy Fernie BSc (Hons)

Complemetary TherapyCathy Fernie graduated from  Staffordshire University in 2012 with an Honours Degree in Clinical Complementary Therapies. The 5 year, part-time course included, in-depth study of Aromatherapy, Massage and Reflexology, as well as Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Pathology and Biochemistry, Energy, Health and Well-being, Counselling Skills, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Pain Management, Leadership Skills and several Research modules.

Cathy set up her business, Holistic Bliss, in 2010 and continues to further her professional education and development. She is qualified in Myofascial Tissue Release, a specialised form of bodywork that involves stretching and release of the connective tissue, which allows the underlying muscles to move more freely and can help to reduce pain in various areas of the body.

Cathy’s in-depth knowledge enables her to create a personalized treatment plan according to each client’s needs. Treatments may include MFR techniques, various massage techniques or perhaps a personalized blend of essential oils to help the body to rebalance itself and encourage the body to heal itself or combining different treatments to treat your symptoms.

Cathy has experience with providing treatments for those with depression, anxiety and stress related conditions. Both Aromatherapy and Reflexology are very relaxing treatments and it has been clinically proven that relaxation can help provide relief from stress. She also has experience treating clients with many different medical conditions including fibromyalgia, motor neurone disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, dementia, post viral fatigue, migraine, back pain, neck pain, kidney problems, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hormone imbalances and many others. Many of her clients have been amazed that their symptoms have improved or reduced by the use of Reflexology or Aromatherapy Massage techniques. Cathy has received many testimonials from clients whose pain has been reduced or relieved by the use of MFR techniques, which is a very gentle, but very effective way to release tensions in the body, allowing it to relax into a position of ease.

Cathy is a member of the Aromatherapy and Allied Practitioners Association (AAPA) and her practice is governed by their professional code of conduct. She is fully covered by Holistic Insurance Services’ professional liability and public liability insurance.


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